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Mineral characteristic.

The mineral feldspar group KAlSi3O8. Orthoclase is a kind of feldspar - the most frequently occurring mineral on Earth (60% of the earth's crust). Transparent bluish or yellowish Orthoclase is used in jewelry. The most valuable of them are adul ... Read more »

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Serafini (clinochlore) - a very unusual stone, it is not like the other gems (a bit like except on charoite). Besides Serafini fairly new stone in jewelry.

Also known as serafinita - clinochlore ("chloros" is translated from the Greek for "green"). In fact, Serafina refers to chlorite, which are quite common, but it Serafini produced in only one place on the planet - near Lake Baikal (Russia) lake.

Opaque serafinity have a special green-blue color. There serafinity and other colors - yellow, brown, black. In addition, special fiber inclusion in serafinitah create on the surface of the precious stone, as it were silvery mesh that shimmers in different colors depending on the angle of incidence of light.

However, Serafino - still too soft stone, so it is usually polished in cabochons, which are used for a variety of pendants and pendants.

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Gem indicolite (indicolit, blue tourmaline, Ceylon sapphire, Akvalit, Baus) - one of the most unusual and very beautiful stones. And a unique feature is reflected in the very name of this stone, because indicolite name was because of their colors - indigo.

Interestingly, indicolite it considered one of the most beautiful among all the varieties of tourmaline. But to tourmaline, among indigolita it refers many very well-known gems. Besides indicolite and is also one of the rare gems among the tourmalines. And what's even more amazing is the fact that the prices of indigolity not very high. Maybe this is due to the fact that indicolite fragile enough so decorating with these gems should be worn with care.

Due to the special colors are also called indicolite akvalitom, aquamarine or blue tourmaline. And because of the similarity with sapphires indicolite is also called Ceylon sapphire (Ceylo ... Read more »

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The biggest deposits of amber are located on the Baltic coast, so it is called the "gold of the Baltic." In the Dominican Republic are teardrop-shaped amber, which resembles a frozen tear.
Amber was a member of the elixir of immortality, who suggested to Pope Boniface VIII of his personal physician.
The best kinds of amber is considered to have the color of wax, transparent and red with a yellowish tint.
In ancient times there was a belief: if you put a piece of amber on his chest to his wife, that during sleep it is recognized in all their evil deeds. Martin Luther carried in his pocket a piece of amber that were not formed kidney stones.
At the end of the XIX century amber was widely used for the manufacture of smoking accessories as a material that has antibacterial properties. It is believed that amber mouthpieces reduce the harm caused by sm ... Read more »

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Mysterious mineral came to us from the distant past, and has been used for more than one century, but is still one of the most enigmatic and mysterious modern breeds. Chrysocolla is unstable and changeable, its moisture content changes, it can be different colors, and even composition. In fact, this stone - a syndicate of aluminum and copper usual, but to talk about the homogeneity of the chemical composition, we can not. The breed is often found a variety of impurities, changing the density and structure of the gem. The properties of turquoise chrysocolla softer material rather fragile.

A little history

The name of the stone was extraordinary for a long time back in 4 tbsp. BC. It was t ... Read more »

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